Can Online Blackjack Be Trusted?

Gambling is a hugely popular pass time. Statistics published by state that 1.6 billion people class gambling as one of their hobbies, and 4.2 billion gamble at least once a year. New online casinos, regularly go live and as technology improves and these become better and better, such as traffic to them will only increase. Blackjack is one of the staple casino games, both of bricks and mortar and online casinos. However, when visiting an online casino you trust firstly that your details are safe, but also that the games you are paying are fair. Nobody wants to think that thinks are somehow rigged in the casino's favor. It is therefore sensible to consider before playing whether online blackjack is safe.

How Online Blackjack is Played and Stratgies Players Employ to Win

In order to consider if online blackjack can be trusted, we first need to consider if online blackjack, and the casino overall, is fair and secure. Firstly, when you visit an online casino, you can check their registration and licensing details. Legitamite casinos, such as clearly display these details. This means that the casino overall is held accountable and is answerable for their financial dealings. If these details are missing, it means you can question the legitimacy of the casino. When you can see the licensing and registration information, you can be assured that the casino is run properly, your details are safe and secure and can be assured that the casino games abide by the rules

Blackjack is a hugely popular game. It is a table card game. The game starts with players choosing how much to bet on a hand. After placing bets the players are then given a variety of options such as to split the cards, double down, hit (where the dealer gives a further card) and so on.The goal is for the total values of the cards to be 21 or as close to that as possible, without them being more than that. If the total exceeds 21, you are bust and have lost. If your hand is the closest out of all the players you win and are either given money or the option to rebet, which is to play on and start again.

Ensuring the Online Black Jackgame You Are Playing Can Be Trusted

There is always a concern amongst online gamblers that the site is somehow rigged in favour of the casino. However, this is unlikely as long as you ensure that the site is legitimate. A legitimate site is licensed which means they are verified, depending on the country they are based in they could also be audited, and they are held accountable for all their financial transactions. If their games were not trustworthy, and the odds were somehow in favor of the casino, they could lose their license and might even face charges. Also, they could lose their license and subsequently their site. Online casinos make much more of a profit staying online than an untrustworthy game would make for their owners.


Ensuring Your Information is Secure

Another concern of players when playing online blackjack is that the game is trustworthy in terms of their information being secure. If you use an online casino that is licensed, they will also be responsible for storing information safely in line with the country's laws. In addition to the danger of the game being set up in the casino's favour, another danger with scam sites is that your information could be used for nefarious purposes. Only using a site that you can verify is licensed means that you can be sure the deposit information you use when obtaining funds to play the game is safe and secure. There are several things to check when making sure the online blackhack game you are playing can be trusted:

  • Check that the licensing information of the casino is clearly displayed.
  • Online blackjack games you can trust will offer customer support, and most have a live chat option.
  • Does the game have a live dealer option? Some legitimate sites do use the online version so this is not a definite sign of a scam site, but games with live dealer options are spending more money on the game and are highly unlikely to be doing this for something that is not legitimate.
  • Which deposit options are available? Trustworthy Blackjack games will offer a variety of deposit options.
  • Casinos which you can trust have transparent policies linked on their website.

One final way of checking that the blackjack game you are playing can be trusted is by checking that the RNG number is operating properly, as this number is what is used to generate random cards and winnings. Players should make sure these tests are performed on a regular basis when choosing blackjack sites and games. By following this information you can ensure that the website you are playing on can be trusted, and in turn that the online blackjack game you are playing can be trusted both in terms of it being a fair game giving you a legitimate chance of winning, and that it can be trusted with your personal and banking information.

Last modified: 20 January 2021