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Understanding how diabetes affects you will give you an increased sense of confidence and comfort, and can help you achieve a full and balanced life.

This featured health centre has been developed by women health professionals for women with diabetes. It is intended to help you better understand how diabetes affects you as a woman and how best to manage it.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes or you have lived with the condition for many years, your concerns are probably much the same – to learn to live a full and healthy life with diabetes.

For a broader perspective on diabetes and diabetes management, we recommend other reputable diabetes websites, such as the Canadian Diabetes Association or the American Diabetes Association.

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Gestational diabetes is an early sign of Type 2 diabetes risk
Although gestational diabetes – diabetes in pregnancy – usually goes away after the baby is delivered, it is linked to an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes later in life.?

Out-of-pocket medical expenses create a health gap for diabetes patients
For many patients, diabetes is more than a chronic health issue. It’s also a chronic financial issue, and that prevents many patients from adhering to their treatment. A new Diabetes Resource Manual addresses that health gap.

Gestational diabetes: high blood sugar in pregnancy
Gestational diabetes affects about six per cent of pregnancies in Canada.?

Why diabetes is a greater heart health risk for women than men?
Diabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease in both men and women. However, it has a greater impact on women’s heart health than men’s.?

Diabetes has health effects unique to women?
In Canada, diabetes now affects over 1 million women. The fastest-growing group of diabetes patients is women under age 49. This increasing burden of diabetes in younger women has broader implications for women’s health.

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Diabetes & Sexual Health

Diabetes & Pregnancy

Diabetes & Heart Disease

Diabetes & Osteoporosis

Diabetes & Menopause

Diabetes & the Older Woman

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Lifestyle changes may help prevent gestational diabetes in high-risk women, study finds

New study links diabetes treatments to increased risk of heart failure

Combination of diabetes and low socioeconomic status linked to poor breast cancer screening rates

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Diabetes - How did it happen?

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